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It’s almost November, and we thought that a month dedicated to being grateful would be the perfect opportunity to exercise our minds and hearts with "30 Days of BombDiggity." 

Here’s the deal.  

Each day in November we will post a prompt that embodies what it means to Be BombDiggity – something for you to reflect on and get your brain churning!  

Your task. 

Follow the prompt instruction each day.  Be creative: use photos that you already have or create new inspiration, draw something, or simply use words. The sky is the limit--as long as you are stretching your noggin!  Tag your post with #30DaysofBombDiggity and/or our social media pages so that everyone can be inspired.

We all get busy.  It's ok if you miss a day, just catch up when you have a chance.

When it is all said and done.  

If you posted something for each of the daily prompts, your name will be entered to win a Be BombDiggity Care Package full of all kinds of coolness-- from a signature t-shirt, to jewelry items, to decals—you’ll get everything you would need to wear your “awesomeness in its purest form” proudly!  The winner will be chosen on December 1st.  But really,  if you exercised your brain and reflected on awesome things all month, wouldn't you already be a winner?

So are you in? 

If you want to receive an email with the daily prompt during November simply go to and sign up at the itty-bitty form on the top of the page.   Looking forward to being inspired by you!

Be BombDiggity Today,  #BeBombDiggity 


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