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What does BombDiggity even mean, right?  It is catchy, for sure.  Can you even say the word without smiling as it rolls off your tongue?  

[bäm-dig-it-ee] adj. 1) Complete awesomeness to its fullest extent. 2) Incredible, beyond anything you could imagine. 3) Awesome, wonderful, and way cool. 4) Awesomeness in its purest form.

To BE BombDiggity is a daily decision to live a life of “awesomeness in its purest form.” It is a positive mantra that seeps into your soul and encourages you to push for the best that you can be.  Look around you–inspiration is everywhere!  From wild adventures to daily tasks, from lifetime achievements to small victories–the strong and encouraging message is the same–just BE BOMBDIGGITY.

Each of our pieces has a story, a history. Our inspiration pieces have been rescued from the ends of the earth--from flea markets to antique stores, from London markets to Hawaiian swap meets.  Wherever the treasures are, that's where we are looking! Once back in our workshop, we reimagine, bend, solder, forge and pour a lot of love into giving each piece new life and purpose.  Change is just a part of life.  Our pieces are a testament to the truth that the next chapter of a story can be even more beautiful than the last!

We believe in making a difference--your purchase serves a purpose.  Each Be BombDiggity purchase gives back to non-profits that are giving awesomeness to others. 

We are story-tellers, nature-lovers, poets, historians, creators, makers, renewers, encouragers, and givers of light and love.   Join the community!

How did we get here?

Six years ago I started a marketing boutique called BombDiggity, LLC and I quickly discovered that people loved my name!  Time and time again I heard "that makes me smile" or "what a fun name!" I loved hearing the feedback and seeing the smiles when people said the word.  BombDiggity is positive and fun--I felt like it represented who I was as a professional and the kind of firm I wanted to build, but it also got me thinking beyond that.  What can I do that I enjoy, that is relaxing to me, that sets a positive tone, that shares good inspiration, that tells good stories, and that gives back?  BE BOMBDIGGITY was born!

So in every silver piece that I craft, every piece of jewelry that I imagine or repurpose, there is a sprinkle of awesome that is also called BALANCE.  An escape from working long hours with weary computer screen eyes to physically crafting something with my hands. Such joy!

BE BOMBDIGGITY challenges me to stop and focus on the things that truly matter to me each and every day and be grateful for them.  Family + Community +  Passion + Positivity + Inspiration + Creativity + Passing on Kindness.  

Thank you for perusing my creations and purchasing with a purpose.


BE BOMBDIGGITY is powered by BOMBDIGGITY, LLC -- an agency passionate about developing brands, leaders/ambassadors, and organizational cultures that are "awesomeness in its purest form"

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